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At Crown Vets we know our clients want the best for their pets and we believe that pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. If your pet suffers from an illness or injury you do not want to have to compromise veterinary care due to the financial cost of treatment. Due to advances in veterinary medicine, vets are able to offer more medical solutions for animals than ever before.


There are a wide range of policies available but it is important to realise that not all pet insurance is the same and you need to choose your policy wisely.


What should you consider when choosing your pet insurance provider?


  • Make sure that if your pet should suffer from an ongoing illness, such as diabetes or a skin complaint, that treatment for that illness will continue year after year.  

  • Ensure that the benefit level on vet's fees is refreshed each year the policy is renewed.  

  • Ask if there are any restrictions on how the benefit amount is used, for example, if a policy has £7,000 worth of vet fee cover each year, make sure there are no restrictions on how much can be used per condition.

  • Find out if your premium will increase the following year, just because you have made a claim.

  • Check that illness cover will continue into your pet's old age.

  • Ensure that the policy will cover any congenital or hereditary conditions which your pet may suffer from in the future.

  • If an insurer is providing a young pet/new policyholder discount, check if you will get this discount every year.


Please note we charge an annual administration fee for processing your claims.